Yogic Diet Retreat Bali 2011 Highlights

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All About Our Yoga Retreat:

Our first Yogic Diet retreat was held in the lush and surprisingly breezy, cool mountains of Bali, Indonesia. Our group of 14 met at dinner and then wrapped ourselves in sarongs to prepare for a blessing from a Balinese Hindu priest. Every aspect of life is ritualistically blessed in Bali and each of us, carrying our own intentions for positive change, were ready to receive. We sat on the ground on this full moon night and held incense sticks while the aged priest chanted. When he finished, we sipped three spoons of holy water from our palms to bring the blessing within. The retreat had begun auspiciously.

This auspiciousness continued as each conversation seemed blessed. Each sharing from the teachers Monique and Tomasz, from Richard our Australian Bali mountain man, and from the participants about -yoga, diet, health, life, relationships, challenges, and more entered our bodies, minds, and spirits.
- Each yoga session took us deeper into our strong bodies and higher into our big hearts.
- My coaching sessions helped to peel back layers as we unwrapped the golden nugget that we really do create our own realities and all it takes is a new thought to create a new reality.
- Each trek through the jungle or rice paddy encouraged us to remember that abundance in nature really is our birthright if we can just be in harmony with her and strive to take better care of her.

And oh my gosh, the food! Most people on the retreat had never taken a break from caffeine, alcohol, meat, processed food, white flour, and sugar like that. Some were worried about how they would handle such a detox. But the yummy, colorful, delicious, Balinese vegetable laden dishes kept appearing to satisfy our appetites and the ginger-lime-honey teas and fruits kept appearing to quench our thirsts. The food was amazing and especially cooked for us with love. And even though I eat a similar diet at home…I feel a longing for the food we had at the retreat. It was good and it somehow fed the soul.

So, the retreat was a great success! People who wanted to lose weight did (5-10 lbs average for that week). People who wanted to feel happier did and seemed to feel more hope for their futures. People who wanted to have fun and do yoga did! Tomasz rocked it as always and twice a day!
Each time one of the yogis walked up the steps to the open air yoga room to surrender to the ritual of practice…he/she was a warrior hero. Each time the yogis went to the coaching sessions…he/she was a renunciant willingly renouncing the hold of the ego.

About the Yoga Teachers:

Tomasz Goetel is the founder of the Hot Yoga Evolution style, and runs his Yoga studio in Phuket, Thailand. He is quickly becoming more popular, as he has an amazing ability to pass on his knowledge, which he acquired from Jimmy Barkan, one of the most respected Yoga teachers in the world, and then fine-tuned through his own practice and teaching experience. Tomasz is well-known for his passionate, inspirational approach, and the light-hearted sense of humor. You can connect with Tomasz on Facebook, or visit his website at www.evolutionhotyoga.com

Monique Toh is the founder of The Yogic Diet yoga lifestyle coaching program. Monique is a certified life coach and yoga teacher, has a master degree in teaching, and has been practicing yoga and meditation for 14 years. She is known for being able to bring out the greatness in her students and help them make lasting lifestyle changes with regards to nutrition, body image, self- esteem, and stress reduction .  You can connect with Monique and The Yogic Diet on Facebook, or visit her website at www.yogicdiet.com